Mandy & Cole

Niagara Falls Wedding

Mandy and Cole were very well prepared on their wedding day. They had backups of everything including 2 wedding dresses and 2 outfits for the Groom and Groomsmen! Shannon and I met the girls at Mandy’s apartment where we planned the perfect spot for Mandy and Cole to see eachother for the first time before heading to Niagara for portraits. This is a great way to spend more time with guests after the ceremony by taking most of the portraits before the guests arrive (except in this case as we obviously had to do more photos once the wedding party did a complete costume change!).

We finally lucked out with the weather as there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight for Mandy and Cole’s outdoor ceremony. I love the photos of Mandy and Cole on the porch sitting on the rocking chairs. The lighting was gorgeous and Mandy and Cole were all smiles and clearly very happy to be married!

– Lindsay

I love this photo of Cole waiting for his cue to go outside to greet his bride!


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