Tamsin & Dave

London Ontario Wedding

Tamsin & Dave's plans for a stress free, laid back event were definitely tested during their ceremony. Over the course of about 5 minutes, one of their bridesmaids fainted (her fall was broken by a hedge), two large glass pillars holding the flowers smashed on the concrete and the minister announced their names incorrectly!!! The bridesmaid recovered, the glass was swept up, and well… it doesn't really matter what they were announced as because they were still married!! I think any other couple may have just lost it, but luckily Tamsin and Dave were able to laugh it off (I think some imported Ukrainian liquor helped!!) After everyone collected themselves, the celebration carried on and it was a great one!

They say bad things come in three, so I hope those three ceremony mishaps are the only hardships Tamsin and Dave endure during their married life… best wishes for a wonderful marriage!

– Heather

I know I've done a similar shot before, but had to use this sign again because well… take a look at this bride!!

I love this shot with Tamsin's mom peering through Tamsin's dad's arm!

Maybe the full moon had something to do with the ceremony events?


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