Sonya & Malay

{Ajax Ontario Wedding Photography}

As I mentioned in their engagement session post, I absolutely ADORE Sonya!!! Believe me, I wouldn’t wake up for just anyone at 4am on my birthday…. yes, that’s right 4 AM!! On my birthday!! Sonya’s wedding celebrations started at 7:30 am in Toronto and as I had an event the day before in London (and a quick birthday dinner with my fam before my sister headed back to BC) I set my alarm for 4am, was out of the house before 5 and had camera in hand by 7:30! Shannon started with the guys in Ajax at 6am and met me with the girls for 8 – coffee in hand!

With all the energy in the air, we quickly forgot how early it was an had a blast photographing the men’s procession to the wedding ceremony – drums, dancing, laughter, it was impossible not to get caught up in the excitement!

After the morning’s formal events were over, we did a quick portrait session with the wedding party & bride and groom and then headed back to Sonya & Malay’s hotel so they could have a rest and Sonya could get her hair & makeup done and change into her second outfit. Always thinking of others, Sonya made sure that there was a place for Shannon and I to have a power nap too… if only we had that luxury at every wedding!!

When I saw Sonya in the morning, I didn’t think should could look more beautiful… but when she put her reception outfit on I was proven wrong… she looked more stunning than ever! We had a great portrait session with late afternoon light and then headed to the reception.

While we were photographing Sonya & Malay’s portraits, Niki was already at the reception photographing amazing details and guests mingling. She stayed late until the evening to capture all the events, which included some hilarious skits by Sonya & Malay’s wedding party that told the story of how they met – wish I could have stayed, but after 12+ hours of shooting I was ready for bed!!

Congrats Sonya & Malay – it was a beautiful day for a wonderful couple! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my birthday any other way!

– Heather

When Malay entered the hall it was total chaos!!

Sonya & Malay high fived as soon as they were officially married!

After the first events of the day were done, we all headed back to Sonya & Malay’s hotel for a bit of a rest and a change of outfits / makeup for the VIPs. Sonya & Malay were so cute… they fell asleep holding hands, awwww!

The hairdressers did double duty to get Sonya’s hair done in time!

The hall looked INCREDIBLE!!

As soon as the first dance was finished, Niki took over for us during the reception and got some great shots of all the evenings events which included skits, dancing and lots of laughs!


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