Laura & Brad

{Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Wedding Photography}

Laura & Brad booked me for their wedding just 6 weeks before their wedding, and I’m so happy that they did! Not only were they a great couple to work with but it also gave me an excuse to stay in Niagara on the Lake for a few days afterwards to celebrate my birthday and three year wedding anniversary with my hubby!

The story of how this couple met is quite amazing and definitely fated – forgive me if my facts are a little off, but I believe just about a year ago, Laura was working in Brussels and Brad was working in Botswana (!!!) when their work brought them both back to Toronto. Shortly after they both returned to Canada, they met at Laura’s office, fell in love and are now happily married! During her speech, Laura read a beautiful excerpt from a book she had been reading while she was away – The Alchemist -about fate/home/love that was so poignant and really captured how the world can lead you in the right direction & to the right person.

Laura & Brad’s wedding was a particularly special event due to how many overseas guests they had, it really was incredible – they had guests from the UK, Prague, Botswana, etc. It’s apparent that they are very special to their friends and family with so many people traveling such a distance for this event!

– Heather

Loved the light in this room…. made for a very dramatic shot of the groom!

Laura’s ring is one of the most stunning rings I’ve ever seen!

The carriage awaits….

Without any prompting, as the exited the church Brad kissed Laura’s hand… such a gentleman!

A piper surprised the couple after the ceremony with a little tune!

It was all I could do not to totally breakdown during this moment… this man was singing “Danny Boy” to the little girl…. it was my grandpa’s favorite song and it always makes me think of him


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