Michelle & Dave

Kleinburg Ontario Wedding

Michelle booked me for her wedding over the phone from Ireland! I was happy to be able to meet Michelle briefly before the big day but didn’t meet Dave until the day of the wedding. They’re a great, easy going couple who I could tell were a good match right away when I finally got to meet Dave – they’re so cute together!

Michelle and Dave had what I like to call a “time warp” day…. a few of these seem to happen every year. Whenever I shoot a wedding in Toronto, I always give myself a good 4-5 hours to get from London to Toronto (Kleinburg to be exact)… if traffic is bad, my GPS updates me on my arrival time and calms my nerves! Well, on my way to Michelle and Dave’s wedding traffic came to a complete stop when I was about an hour away and my GPS started calculating the time…. I’d get there 3 hours early, 2 hours early…. 10 minutes late!!! I started to panic, and somehow with a few detours & the magical 407 I got back on track and was a good hour early (giving me time for coffee & a cookie!!).

So, they definitely didn’t need to worry about a photographer being stuck in traffic, but they had a missing organist at the church! About 45 minutes after the ceremony was set to start, a backup rushed in and a very nervous groom looked quite relived to see his bride finally walking down the aisle (to music no less!) Here’s where the time warp kicked in – after the ceremony, we still managed to do all their family photos, wedding party photos and couple photos within the allotted time to get them back on schedule and off to their reception on time! Amazing!

– Heather


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