Sabena & Jason

Kariya Park Wedding

Have I mentioned how much I love birdcage veils?! When Sabena opened the door on her wedding day to let us in and I saw the beautiful veil she was wearing, I knew it would be a great day!

The mood was so calm and collected at the house while the girls were getting ready. I really thought that there was no way they could stay this way all day….well, they did! The day was perfect and went off without a hitch!

During the ceremony we were asked to refrain from any use of flash. These photos are a great example of what we can get while shooting discretely on a tripod!

We met Sabena and Jason at Kariya Park for their portraits. We had to move around a few times to find the perfect light, but it was worth it! I love the photos of Sabena and her flower girl sitting on the rocks. The flower girl was full of great expressions! I only wish these photos had sound as it took alot of persuasion and cheering for us to get her to sit for photos!

– Lindsay


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