Melissa & Jeff

London Peace Gardens Wedding

Melissa and Jeff originally booked me to photograph their wedding in July, but when they got the unexpected but very happy news that they had a little one on the way they pushed the date to August to give Melissa some time to recover. This also meant that their new son, adorable little Sebastian was able to attend!!

Melissa and Jeff are both in the military and I thought it was very poignant that they choose to have their ceremony at the London Peace Gardens. Their reception was held at the army base so the whole day had a lot of personal signifigance – love it! Melissa wanted to do some photos in a field, but all the wheat in the area had just been cut down the day before…. I did a quick location scout before we left for the wedding and found a great spot right behind the base.

Congrats Melissa & Jeff on a beautiful day and the start of a wonderful family – hope we can have a play date with our little ones in the spring!

– Heather


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