Katherine & Peter

Osgoode Hall Engagement

Katherine and Peter are a great referral from Liz and Neil who were married on August 16th. During our consultation Katherine told me that she hated having her photo taken. She also commented on how everyone in our portfolios and website looked relaxed and as though they were enjoying the process. I suggested doing engagement photos so that we could get in some practice (and to prove that photo sessions with us are really fun and uplifting!).

We met a few weeks later at Osgoode Hall. Right away I spotted the camera crews and dozens of film trailers. Uh oh! We had a quick brainstorm session and decided we would still take a few photos with the gorgeous iron gates and then head off somewhere a little more quiet and discreet….like the median on University Avenue! I felt like we were on one of those reality shows that makes you face your fears. In this case, I know it helped Katherine over her shyness for photos. I received an email after the shoot letting me know how much fun they had and that they were now looking forward to their wedding day photos.

Mission accomplished and they got some beautiful portraits before their big day as well. I can’t wait to see them again on their wedding day!

– Lindsay


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