Liz & Jeff

{Archeo Distillery District Wedding}

groom looking at bride laughing in the distillery district in toronto ontario

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for great DIY details at a wedding….well, Liz is the DIY Queen! So much thought went into collecting beautiful objects and growing hundreds of suculents for this incredible wedding day. Liz and Jeff were so trusting of my ideas and I think they were just as excited as I was during our photo shoot before the ceremony:)

– Lindsay

white bridal details

bride checking herself out in the mirror

blacka and white bride reaching for dress

candid of bridesmaid feeding her child

bride putting her white shoes on a yellow chair

wedding floral details

I absolutely love Jeff’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride for the first time!

bride and groom first look

bride and groom first look kiss in toronto

A great rooftop location for this downtown Toronto wedding.

bride and groom with cn tower laughing

black and white bride and groom walking inside

bride and groom in church with guest

happy bride and groom at front of church

ceremony first kiss between bride and groom

bride and groom walking down aisle after getting married

bride and groom leaving the church looking at each other

wedding guests outside if church with bride and groom

colourful wedding details inside archeo

wedding details in archeo

bride and groom kissing in the distillery district

reception details inside the venue

bride and groom sitting in archeo with bride and groom signs

walking outside through the distillery

outside bride smiling and groom looking at her

bride and groom walking away on the stone pathway

a happy couple enjoying the outdoors of the distillery district

bride with yellow cardigan snuggling with her groom

smiling bride leaning against a wall

bride looking away and groom looking at bride in toronto ontario

I noticed this incredible light reflecting off a nearby condo building and we waited very patiently for some clouds to pass by for this series of images.

black and white couple snuggling outside keeping warm

embracing the sunshine outside in the distillery district

couple looking smiling happy

bride being silly with yellow cardigan

couple looking at each other outside in toronto ontario

bride pulling groom walking away on brick path

bride and groom in front of fence smiling

holding hands and laughing in front of fence

groom kissing silly bride sitting down

close up romantic bride and groom

inside and outside archeo in toronto ontario

night time fun with bride and groom

shoe game at reception with bride and groom

giving a speeche to the wedding guests

fun first dance in toronto ontario

bride dancing with wedding guests

wedding guest getting down and dancing

bride and groom black and white dancing

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