Lisa & Dave

{London Ontario Wedding Photography}

There’s always something special about the last wedding of the season. One might think that I’d be burnt out after shooting 50+ weddings (especially this year being pregnant) but quite the opposite… I somehow manage to harness all the energy I’ve put into each of the weddings I’ve done that year to make sure I end the season on a high note and can take some time off feeling inspired & excited to start another season in a few months!

From the first time I met with Lisa and Dave, I knew that they were going to be fantastic to work with and that their wedding was going to be an inspiring & exciting event to shoot. I wasn’t disappointed! Lisa’s vintage glam style, their beautiful home in Old South, a fresh snowfall, impeccable decor at Bellamere – everything fell into place and made for the perfect wedding day!

And the best part of the whole event was meeting this great couple. From the beginning, they’ve seemed more like friends than clients and I look forward to continuing this friendship!

– Heather

ps. Make sure to check out the Yoga Shack, Lisa’s new yoga studio just opened in Old South!

From my vantage point during the ceremony, I caught both moms wiping away tears… awwww

Many thanks to Jess, my fab intern for hiding in between the pews with a video light to help me take this shot

My only regret this day was that no one got a photo of me, 7 months pregnant lying down ON MY STOMACH in the middle of the road to take this photo!!

To get the couple to kiss, guests had to air guitar to a song of their choice. We were surprised at what a hit this was… so many people got up to “play” a song!!


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