Dierdre & Tom

London Ontario Wedding

Ok, so I lied… Lisa and Dave’s wedding wasn’t actually my last wedding of the season – but I really thought it was up until 10am on December 20th!! Let me explain…

Just a week before, Sera, one of my closest friends shared the exciting news that her Mom and partner Tom were finally, officially engaged! I hadn’t even had a chance to call Dierdre to congratulate her on the engagement when Sera called me up at 10am right before I was headed out the door to photograph Lisa & Dave’s wedding to say “Mom’s getting married in the living room tomorrow at 2pm – can you and Eric come?”  Dierdre and Tom win the prize for shortest engagement – just six days!! There were definitely a few jokes that started “And on the seventh day…” overheard at the event! In that time they got their rings, found a wedding dress, booked an officiant & looked to the always resourceful Sera to fill in the rest (food, flowers, etc.). I appointed myself the official photographer and they were ready to go!

What can I say about Dierdre and Tom – they are such a wonderful caring couple and I’m so happy that I was able to share in their beautiful, intimate wedding day with them. These two just love each other so much and I couldn’t be happier for them!!

– Heather

Mom and daughter – awwww!

Tom awaiting his beautiful bride!

Daisy the dog was disappointed not to be the center of attention during the ceremony

Me & my hubby!


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