Lacey & Sandy

London Ontario Engagement

Helloooo beautiful light!!! There’s nothing better than a warm spring night, cherry blossoms and dreamy back lighting! I had a fantastic time photographing Lacey & Sandy’s engagement session and am even more excited for their wedding now! Sorry Lacey, I think we might just have to get you to climb down to that forest spot in your wedding dress!!

One regret about this session… as we were driving between locations it came up that Lacey & Sandy met at The Embassy Hotel, a well known music venue in London. We happened to drive by the Embassy and I suggested we stop for a few photos because of the personal connection, however with limited daylight left we opted cherry blossoms over the gritty venue. I came home from the shoot and at least a dozen of my friends had “the Embassy is burning down” as their status on facebook. Less than an hour after we drove by it burst into flames and burnt to the ground! Moral of the story for photographers: always take advantage of a location right then & there if it calls to you!!

– Heather


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