Krystal & Greg

Brescia College Wedding

We had such a great day with Krystal, Greg and their wedding party! Early May weddings are always a treat – gotta love those Magnolia trees! Krystal’s bridesmaids were such a blast – I want them to be my best friends too! We all were in hysterics as they each did flying leaps onto the bed in the hotel room during photos before the ceremony.

I’ve never shot a wedding at Brescia College before and it is such a beautiful location. Every corner we turned their seemed to be another spot for photos. Their reception was held at Aroma Restaurant in downtown London. I had just been there a few weeks prior for my parent’s 30th anniversary and must say it’s becomming one of my favorite restaurants in London – amazing food & service!

– Heather

Me! (thanks Alison)

Such a cool program design!

They used photos of themselves at the corresponding ages for the table numbers!

Love the atmosphere at Aroma – such a great spot for a wedding!


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