Jaymi & Donald

{Royal Ambassador Banquet Hall Caledon East Ontario Wedding Photography}

I had been looking forward to Jaymi and Donald’s wedding for quite some time as I knew how excited Jaymi was for photos! When I first met with Jaymi and Donald to talk about their wedding photography we hit it off. Right after our meeting we jumped in our cars and headed down to the beaches for their engagement photos!

Leading up to the day, Jaymi and I corresponded over email. They were having their ceremony and reception at the Royal Ambassador banquet hall, but they had found this great spot down the road for their wedding portraits. It involved fields of wild flowers and an old shack! I was very intrigued and was not disappointed on the wedding day! We took the traditional family portraits by some pretty trees before taking a walk over to the special photo spot with the wedding party.

The night was also off to a great start with DJs that got everyone up and dancing after dinner. They even brought sunglasses and hats to get everyone involved in a big group dance! It was non stop laughs with this bunch. They were up for any of the ideas I threw at them. It was a fantastic day and I really couldn’t wait for Jaymi and Donald to see their photos!

– Lindsay

Just in case they forgot their lines during the ceremony…

Two very strong ringbearers!

Its a long day for the wedding party. If you can manage to sneak in a nap during dessert…why not?


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