Updates from Lindsay

And more Connor pics!

There really are no words to describe how amazing my life has become over the past few months. I have had so many wonderful experiences including a romantic wedding proposal from Matt after 6 years of dating! I often joke that we have done everything backwards. We bought our house, our dogs, cat and were about to have our baby all before we got engaged. It really was a little ironic that I was the wedding photographer who was itching to be married!

I am happy to announce that we will FINALLY be getting married next spring (with an adorable ring-bearer named Connor…and a fantastic wedding photographer named Heather!)

December 23rd was definitely the most incredible day of my life. After 9 relatively easy hours of labour, we finally got to meet our beautiful son Connor Gabriel Ross. Thinking back to that day brings me to tears. I have always known that I was meant to be a mother and I just feel so complete. Parenthood is definitely a whole new world, but Matt and I are enjoying each second with Connor. We literally sit and watch him in amazement for hours and talk about how beautiful he is (this has really cut down on our monthly entertainment budget!).As you can imagine, Connor is a very well photographed little boy. I am always thinking of new ideas for photos and ways to capture him as he changes and grows before our eyes. This is also good practice for all of the newborn sessions I have coming up this year!

I want to thank all of my HRM clients for their kind emails. It is so nice to have your support as Heather and I transition into Mommies. We definitely feel blessed to have such a wonderful job that allows us to be creative and still have time to spend with our little ones.Stay tuned for more photos of Connor…and before long we will find out who has been cooking in Heather’s belly for the past 9 months!

– Lindsay



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