Terra & Tammy

{London Ontario Wedding Photography}

Terra and Tammy were my first inquiry for July 7th, 2007. They booked me before I even realized that 07/07/07 was the most popular wedding date EVER and I’m so glad they did… there is no other wedding I would have rather been at on this day!! From the first time I met them, Terra and Tammy seemed like old friends – we connected instantly. Leading up to their wedding I did engagement pictures for them and photographed their wedding shower so really felt like I knew them by the time their big day came around. I wasn’t surprised to find out we had some mutual friends – and saw some familiar faces at their shower and wedding! It was an honour to be a part of such a special wedding day, we fully support Same Sex couples in their right to marry! Thank you Terra & Tammy for letting me be a part of it!


They decided to see each other before the wedding – here’s Tammy’s reaction when she first saw Terra…

… and Terra’s reaction seeing Tammy

Tammy drives a DHL van and had to get some shots in with it

I love this shot of their son Alex looking back at Tammy right before they enter for the ceremony

Some guests decided to decorate Tammy’s DHL van…

Tammy wasn’t so impressed…

but Terra had a good laugh!

They had an intimate outdoor reception in the backyard of their home in Komoka – I love outdoor parties!

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