Seema & Omar

{Osgoode Hall Toronto Ontario Wedding Photography}

I love downtown Toronto weddings!!! Seema and Omar are the sweetest couple and I’ve been looking forward to their wedding for a long time… it seems like just the other day I met the for the first time and tried desperately not to appear completely nauseous during our meeting (I had *just* found out I was pregnant and we hadn’t told anyone yet!)  They had a beautiful early morning ceremony followed by a photo session at Osgoode Hall – a great location in the city that we often overlook. It’s a hidden gem & there’s no permit required! Seema originally wasn’t going to have photo coverage of her reception but when I found out everything they had planned for it, I knew she had to have it documented!! I always tell clients that when you’re investing in photography, better to invest more in actual coverage to begin with so at least you have the images – albums and prints can wait! We switched around some items in her package and she had Niki, my fab assistant there to capture the events!

– Heather


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