Sara & Sarah

{Watson Porter Pavillion Wedding Photography}

What a beautiful & emotional celebration. I challenge anyone who is opposed to same sex marriage to look at the love between these two amazing women and try to say they shouldn’t have the right to marry each other. We are so lucky to live in a country where anyone can join together in legal matrimony and I hope it always stays that way! Niki and I were honoured to be a part of this heartfelt day – this is a wedding we won’t soon forget! It was absolutely perfect and so full of love!!!

I am also incredibly honored that the image I took of Sara & Sarah walking up the aisle after the ceremony is currently featured on the main page of Fearless Photographers – some of the world’s best photographers are part of this collective and to have an image taken by little ol’ me from London, Ontario is incredible! Proof that this is a world class kind of love!!!

– Heather

Describe the vision/theme you had for your wedding in 5 words or less:
A fun, springtime, celebration

What are you favorite memories of your wedding day?
Sarah (brown hair!): My favourite memories of the wedding day were everything: seeing Sara look like a medieval princess, getting to eat yummy taco bell as my wedding meal, playing on a dinosaur and turning cartwheels in my wedding dress, being with all the people that I love in such a gorgeous place and on such a beautiful day.
Sara (blonde hair!): I remember Sarah and I dancing at the end of the day, and then suddenly a bunch of our friends and family were blowing a big cloud of bubbles over us. I have no idea why they decided to do that, or how they all decided they would, but it cemented how lucky we were to have all these wonderful people come as far as they did and spend as much time as they did to share in our day.

Best wedding related decision?
Sarah feels our best decision was deciding to get married at all. I can’t argue with that, but I was quite happy we decided on getting married specifically at Fanshawe and to have our friend Meghan act as the officiant.

Favourite detail?
The cake topper of two intertwined trees.

Advice for future couples?
A good photographer or videographer is worth whatever you pay for them. The day is filled with too much emotion and too much awesome, you won’t catch it all or remember it all without someone equally awesome to document it.

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?
Sara would try to show up on time. Being an hour late for your own wedding is sad, and it cut into the time we could spend with our awesome guests.

Best surprise of the day?
The huge number of people who wanted to spend the day with us. (And it didn’t rain.)

Favorite HRM picture from the day (and why?):
Sarah and I can’t agree on a favourite picture. Hers is one where I’m sitting on a stump “like a medieval princess,” because she said that’s exactly how she pictured me for the wedding. Mine is when she’s peering through one of the doors of the pavilion trying to catch a glimpse of me as I arrive. It just captures the curious imp that is Sarah perfectly in one picture.

Anything else you’d like to add?
It was amazing how well everything came together to make real the day we’d pictured in our minds. We can’t thank everyone enough who helped make that day what it was.

VENDORS: Ceremony & Reception Location: Fanshawe Conservation Area | Officiant: Meghan Adams was our public officiant, Lori Siska was our legal officiant. | Cake: Was beautifully made and decorated by Sarah’s aunt Cecile | Dress (designer and/or store): Sara’s dress was from Sophie’s Bridal, Sarah’s was from Lady Di’s “Consignment Bridal, dressmaking and alterations” in Windsor ON | Wedding Planner/Flowers/Decorator: our wonderful families | Hair/Makeup: For Sarah her own ingenuity, for Sara hair was by Diamond Cuts and makeup by Visage both conveniently in Westmount Mall. | Caterer: Elite Catering By Design | DJ: Frank (maybe, we can’t actually remember his name)

WEDDING SONGS:  Processional: Blackbird by the Beatles | Recessional: All to Myself by Marianas Trench | First Dance/Parent Dance: Come in From the Cold by Joni Mitchell | Other: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen for the signing of the wedding license.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Watson Porter Pavillion

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