Nine years ago today…

... was me and my husband's first date!!!

… was me and my husband’s first date!!!

The week before he asked me if I was going to see a band play at Call the Office on the 22nd, my response was “I dunno, maybe… are you?” to which he replied “yeah, maybe I guess so…” I remember being at my friend Chris’s birthday party and leaving early because as I told them, I was “hoping that cute guy will be at Call the Office”.

Luckily we both went to the show (he was hoping I’d be there too!), he walked me home and the rest is history! I can honestly say that since that day many years ago I’ve fallen more and more in love with him every day. Happy anniversary Eric!

– Heather

I was going to dig up some photos of us shortly after we started dating, but they’re buried away somewhere… so here’s a few from Dina’s wedding in February.

We can be serious…

… but would rather be silly!



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