Heather & Nathan

Windermere Manor Wedding

Heather and I have so much in common it’s uncanny – we’re both named Heather, we’re both photographers (check out Heather’s work at www.heatherlynch.ca), we both love 80s dance night at Call the Office and we realized on the wedding day that we both have the same dimple on the left side of our faces!!! Needless to say, we instantly hit it off when we met and I was very much looking forward to her and Nathan’s wedding!

It was a beautiful fall day at Windermere Manor, my good friend Anna Lamond came along as my assistant. Congrats Heather & Nathan!

– Heather

the bride’s two shoe options

There was a very emotional moment as Heather’s Dad presented Heather with her late mom’s engagement ring

Heather broke the emotional mood by playing her musical garter – with the press of a button, the Highland Fling started to play!

I thought this was a really sweet idea as a gift for her dad

I absolutely LOOOOVE this photo!! Heather was the perfect bride for a shot like this

So excited before the ceremony – Wayne from Kettle Creek Weddings gives Heather the final rundown for the ceremony

So cute during the vows!


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