Lindsay & Matt Part 2

Toronto Wedding

Another something new for our blog…. I’m going to let our lovely bride (and groom) tell the story of the day from their perspective (blog readers – please let us know what you think of this format!):

Describe the vision/theme you had for your wedding in 5 words or less: School House Rockin Love!

What are you favorite memories of your wedding day?
Bride: I have so many incredible moments that stand out…
The first being when Matt walked around the corner hand in hand with our son Connor to see me for the first time…It just felt as though everything in the world was perfect.

Even though we did all of our portraits together before the ceremony, it was still a very emotional walk down the aisle to my groom. I still tear up when I look at the photos of our ceremony. We knew that we were already very much a family, but to recite our vows to each other was such a powerful experience.

We had our friend Lightning Mike playing the processional/recessional/first dance (Matt played drums for Mike when we first started dating and I told him that I wanted him to sing at my wedding…fast forward 8 years and there he was!)

During the signing of the registry, two of our very closest friends, Ian and Emily, sang an acoustic version of ‘Two of Us’ by the Beatles. On our very first date we watched the movie I Am Sam…….that song is featured on the movie soundtrack. Very special to us.

Groom: I guess for me it seems kind of silly to try and pinpoint one or two “favourite” moments of the day. The amazing, timeless moments felt endless. The uniqueness of our first “greeting” to the special feeling I felt seeing our boy Connor march down the aisle with my car keys in hand. The overwhelming sense of love in the room from our wonderful parents, family and friends to the privilege of being able to sing a song to my bride to let her know how I really felt. The schoolhouse was full of personal touches; our ketubah, our chuppah, the dessert buffet, our hockey jersey suit shirts………. This day was uniquely ours……….for no one else………every moment special……….every moment my favourite……… that moment.

Best wedding related purchase: I loved my necklace which I found online for $16.99! And my J Crew dress which I bought off of a two-dress bride on Kijiji.

Favourite detail: The crystal brooch on my bouquet. It belonged to my Nana and it helped remind me that she was looking over us and was very much a part of our wedding day.

Advice for future brides & grooms: Although it was fun putting together all of the little personal touches to make our wedding day our own, I would say don’t get too caught up in the details because in the end what matters most is celebrating your love and commitment with family and friends.

Would you change anything if you could do  it all over again? Matt and I feel as though everything was perfect but we know that was because our family and friends did so much to make it that way. After the wedding I heard about all of the little glitches and in retrospect, I should have hired a babysitter to help my Mother-in-law (sorry Marie!) who was in charge of getting our son Connor all dressed and ready as well as herself.

Best surprise of the day: During the reception Matt got up with the band and sang Try by Blue Rodeo. This was a repeat performance from years before where he got up and sang to me at a karaoke bar!

Wedding Songs:
Processional: Can’t Get Enough – Bad Company (Performed by the Mike Todd Trio) Recessional: Some Kind of Wonderful – Grand Funk Railroad (Performed by the Mike Todd Trio) Entrance: Love Train The O’Jays First Dance: Into the Mystic – Van Morrison (Performed by the Mike Todd Trio) Father/Daughter: Angel – Aerosmith

PART 3 – The Photo Booth – coming soon!!!

Mazel Tov!!!

Iris alert! Iris alert!

After my photo duties were done I got to switch into my party dress… Iris made a quick apperance and then stayed with Gramma & Grandpa while Eric and I danced the night away!

I photographed this one handed while carrying Iris in a baby sling. True story (anyone have pictures of that??)

Usually we don’t stay into ties around heads/conga line/centrepiece balancing territory and we most definitely don’t drink glass upon glass of wine while we’re working… but Lindsay’s wedding was an exception! I think my hubby took half of these photos since Lindsay, Niki and I are in most of them!


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