Lindsay & Matt Part 1

Toronto Wedding

Where to even begin… not only has Lindsay been HRM’s associate photographer for the past 6 years but she’s also become one of my dearest friends. I never imagined that when we first met while working together at a photo studio in Toronto that a) I’d one day start my own wedding photography company or b) that the little blond girl who was paired up to assist me at weddings would become my partner in crime… a finish-each-others-sentences, call-each-other-37-times a day kind of friend.  I feel like I’ve been waiting for this wedding day almost as long has Lindsay has!

Back in September 2005, Lindsay and Matt had broken up. Again. She didn’t think he was ready to commit, she was all wedding talk, all the time (dating a wedding photographer isn’t easy!) Lindsay had started dating someone else and even though she still had a soft spot for that cute drummer boy she wasn’t going to get back together with him. No way. Matt however, had other plans. He asked her out for dinner, wore the same outfit he wore on their first date and tried to get her back. Lindsay wasn’t going to fall for it – she was done with him! She told me of his latest attempts to woo her back while we were shooting a wedding together…. and then fate stepped in.

The couple we were photographing had forgotten their cd with their first dance song on it – Blue Rodeo’s “Dark Angel.” I knew Matt was a Blue Rodeo fan and the wedding just happened to be right around the corner from his house. I told Lindsay she had to call Matt, just *had* to – he could help us save the wedding day!!  Who doesn’t want to be a wedding day hero?!? She reluctantly called him and sure enough he had the cd and rushed it right over to us. On the way home from the wedding we played a little game we used to entertain ourselves with in between wedding locations – you ask a question, turn on the radio and the first line of the song tells you the answer (oh the decisions this has helped us make!!) The song said something along the lines of “he’s the only one for you.” The next week, Lindsay got together with him to return the cd and he admitted that he didn’t own it, as soon as he got off the phone with her he rushed out to buy it so that he’d have an excuse to see her. And that was that, they were back!

After that story you’d thing the next chapter would be wedding bells – and that’s what we were waiting for, but oh no… there was a house, then a dog, then another dog and then the news that they were expecting a baby. Lindsay and I waited, and waited… we went to hundreds of weddings in the meantime, planned her wedding a dozen different ways. Even went to look at a venue together. And then finally, at long last just a few days before they became parents together, a so excited he didn’t even take off his winter jacket Matt proposed to a 9 month pregnant Lindsay in the kitchen of their home.  Maybe not the kind of proposal every girl dreams of, but that’s what made it so perfect.

Lindsay, you are an amazing photographer, friend & mother and I know you and Matt will (continue to) be so happy together. Congratulations for making it “official” and thank you for including me in your wedding day, letting me repay the favor of you taking my wedding photos 5 years ago AND for insisting that Eric and I stay and party after my photo duties were done. Because I know that Matt is going to be so sad at the lack of wedding talk in your house (hahaha) can we start planning Iris and Connor’s weddings now?

Check back tomorrow afternoon for Lindsay’s thoughts on her wedding day and Part 2 of the photos!

– Heather

PS: Something I’ve been meaning to do for years, now due to popular demand, we’re going to start including links to vendors used on the wedding day in our blog entries. Here are the people who helped make Lindsay’s big day perfection!

VENDOR LIST | Flowers: Cool, Green & Shady | Day of Coordination: A Hot Pink Petticoat | Ceremony & Reception: Enoch Turner School House | Getting Ready: Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown | Officiant: Jeremy Citron | Band: Mike Todd Trio | Caterer: Herreras | Dress: JCrew | Invites & Matt’s wedding gift: Raspberry Creations

The beautiful bride to be greeted us at the hotel door with a big smile on her face… it was all I could do to not start crying immediately!

While Nadia & I photographed the girls getting ready, Niki was downtown with the boys. They had big plans & had made arrangments to have pre ceremony photos taken at the Hockey Hall of Fame but when they arrived a mean note let it be known that they were NOT allowed to anymore.  The opted instead to get a pre ceremony snack which I’m sure they were thankful for later
that evening!

My hubby and I have started raiding Goodwill, Value Village and the likes for awesome & hilarious add-on wedding gifts for our friends… the Mrs. mug I found earlier that morning was a hit!

Alright ladies, talk amongst yourselves…

The gorgeous bride & handsome groom almost ready to see each other for the first time on their big day…

Niki and I hard at work… notice my silly looking hair, I straightened it in the morning so I could be fancy for the reception and was trying to keep in intact during our windy, rainy photoshoot. Not my best look!

Matt isn’t the only man in Lindsay’s life… her first wedding day meeting with Connor was super cute!


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