Lina & Blair

Markham Civic Center Wedding

Lina and Blair’s wedding day was quite possibly the rainiest wedding day ever!!! However, that did stop us from getting tonnes of great photos and having a fantastic day with them!! Lina and Blair had their “official” wedding ceremony the day before, so with most of the formalities already out of the way we started the day off at Lina’s house where the groom was put through many torturous tasks before being allowed to see the bride. Then, special ceremonies were performed including a tea ceremony to honour Lina & Blair’s family.

After that it was off to do photos – luckily I always have rain locations in the back of my mind and with a bit of coaxing the lovely receptionist at the Markham Civic Center let us in to do all the bridal party photos there. Right as we were finishing, the skies cleared for about 15 minutes allowing us to do some photos outside with great light! The rain started up again and we headed to their reception where they had a traditional 10 course meal and lots of fun & games… usually I love seafood, but I must say all the seafood courses were umm… interesting at 2 months pregnant – thank goodness for gingerale!! We left after shooting for 12 hours straight and the party was still going strong… I’ve never seen a conga line to “Hey Ya”, talk about a wild party!! Congrats Lina & Blair – we had so much fun with you and your guests!!

– Heather

Lina’s grandmother

At last allowed to see the bride!

Newlyweds, Dee & John


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