Laurie & John

London Ontario Wedding

Laurie and John are the kind of couple that you just feel good being around. Every time we met leading up to their wedding, seeing them always put me in a good mood as they are both such lovely people! This “good vibe” feeling was tenfold on their wedding day – I just couldn’t stop smiling the whole day!

There were so many great moments throughout the day….  Laurie’s mom helping to put on Laurie’s veil which had been *her* veil, John surprising Laurie with a slideshow – so cute!, the flower girls (Laurie’s neice’s) singing a song with the word love in it to make the couple kiss – they sang Maroon 5 – “This Love” – I was expecting a much less “mature” song! And one of my fave parts – during their reception they had a HILARIOUS game for their guests that was sort of a take on musical chairs. The MC would call out an object to find (bottle of wine, man’s tie, etc.) and while one person from each table was running around trying to find the object a chair would be taken away. The last person with a chair was the winner. I’m not even too sure what the last person won exactly, but this game had everyone in attendance cheering on and laughing hysterically. Loved it!!

Congrats Laurie & John & thank you for letting me share in your day with you – it was wonderful!!

– Heather

Love this candid shot of Laurie’s parents!

Guests getting into the musical chairs game…

The last item to get was a piece of toilet paper!


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