Jessica & Joe

Cullen Gardens Wedding

Without fail, every year there is at least one wedding day that seems like “the rainiest day ever”…. last year i rained almost every Saturday but tied for “rainiest day ever” were August 8th AND September 13th, in 2007 it was September 14th, 2006 was September 2nd and 2005 it was October 22nd . This year it was Jessica & Joe’s wedding day – October 2nd. Why do I remember the dates so well? It’s not because the brides on those days have sat in the corner and cried about the weather, it’s because they’ve always been awesome ladies who (admittedly, sometimes after a wistful look out the window) have accepted that their wedding day is going to be a rainy one, grabbed a big umbrella and vowed to still have a blast! Jessica & Joe were a referral from one of my favorite couples, Angela & Jeff so I knew they’d be funky, stylish and ready to party! Cullen Gardens in Whitby, Ontario was the backdrop for this wedding day.

The weather wasn’t the only thing that didn’t go as planned – there was a mix up with wheel trans who was transporting Joe’s grandparents to the ceremony. The ceremony started almost an hour late as we waited for these very special guests. I know that hour must have seemed like an eternity for an anxious bride & groom but seeing the look on the grandparent’s faces as they greeted their grandson the groom & his new bride was worth every second of it (I for one was definitely teary!) I think you can tell a lot about people by the relationship they have with their grandparents – Jessica and Joe would have waited all night to give his grandparents the honor of watching them exchange their vows, a class act in my opinion!

Congrats Jessica & Joe, Lindsay and I had a great time capturing your day!

– Heather

Joe’s grandfather arriving… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone “run” in a wheelchair! So sweet!

Love that Guinness / familiar faces Angela & Jeff


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