Jessica + Blake

{Western Fair Engagement Photography}

This engagement session was quite the adventure! Jessica and Blake were planning on driving in from out of town for their session. All day, we were back and forth about whether we should go ahead with the shoot as the forecast was calling for major thunderstorms. About 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet, the sky went black, the streetlights turned on and you could barely see a foot ahead of you. There was rain, hail, and sirens sounding in the distance! We decided to reschedule for another day and they waited in their car on the side of the road for the storm to settle down a bit before heading home. Just as quickly as the storm came, blue skies and sunshine were back and I called them up again and said “want to give this a shot”. We lasted about 45 minutes at the Western Fair before the dark skies started rolling in again, and took some appropriate shots in front of the “twister” ride as carnival workers were frantically talking on their radios and working on evacuating the fair!! We ran to their car and made just before the storm started again. When they dropped me off, we tried for one last shot – the amazing kissing in the rain photo below taken just outside my house under a street light! Thanks to Jessica & Blake for such a fun night and being brave enough to be photographed in such a crazy storm!

A couple of weeks later we met up again at at Appleland for a few more pictures and luckily that time had no crazy storms! Can’t wait for this cute couple’s wedding in August!

– Heather

The second half of our sesssion…

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