Jenny & Chris

London Ontario Engagement

I had a really good little story written up for Jenny & Chris’ photos but it got lost in our blog crash so lets see if I can remember what I said the first time…

You may recognize this couple from the family session I did for them just a few weeks ago. It was great to see them again so soon, Jenny & Chris are just too cute – I love these two! Chris is a firefighter and we wanted to incorporate that into our shoot somehow. I’ve my eye on this funky mural of an old firetruck for ages and they were just the couple to take to it… if you live anywhere in the vicinity you probably heard me scream as I saw it being painted over just two days before our shoot!! With some last minute location scouting, I was able to find a cool looking fire hall to take them to!

During our session, I noticed that Jenny & Chris had matching engagement rings and I knew there would be a good story behind them. Years before he met Jenny, Chris came up with a ring design that symbolized what marriage meant to him. He had these rings made and waited for the right girl to come along. When he presented Jenny with the ring, she initially refused it as she thought it had been made for someone else! Once she found out that no, it had been waiting for her to come along she happily accepted. I love stories like that! Jenny & Chris: You guys have been a blast to work with so far, I can’t wait for your wedding day – I just know we’re going to have so much fun!

– Heather


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