Jennifer & Mike

Old Courthouse Wedding

Just when we were on a roll, we bacame bad, bad bloggers again!!! In the next couple of weeks I will have not one, but TWO MAJOR announcements that will explain it all (if you’re on my facebook and know one already SHHHHHH!!) And don’t worry, these announcements will not be affecting any of our clients/current contracts, but are still VERY exciting! In the meantime, I’ve hired a new office assistant in London who will be helping out with albums, blogging, etc. so we’re going to try to get back on track.

Jenn & Mike’s wedding on May 3rd, 2008 was my first full wedding of the season and a great way to kick it off! Despite a little (ok, ALOT) of rain these two were an absolute pleasure to work with. We decided to brave the weather and head down to the courthouse for photos, sure enough shortly after we arrived the skies cleared and the sun came out! It was perfect, especially as the Magnolia trees (my favorites) were in bloom! Congrats to Jenn & Mike and thanks for being so great to work with!

– Heather


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