Janine & Nick

London Ontario Wedding

We did the photos of Janine at Union Station… the light was beautiful inside!

We went over to the Docks for photos and stumbled upon a low rider car show! We came across this crazy blue car, I turned around to look for the owner and next thing I knew, Janine was already posed and ready for photos in it!

Cooling off with some ice cream

All day people in the street were stopping to stare at such a beautiful couple… this lady in the Distillery even wanted to snap a photo!

At their reception, they had a traditional “Pig Dance”…

The godfather has to pay for the pig…

Another tradition, the breaking of the bread… Janine reacts to getting the smaller piece, which means Nick will always have the last word!

Shaun & Angie, Me, Janine & Nick, Daphne & Glenn – I’ve photographed the weddings of all three of these couples!

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