Janet & Erik

London Ontario Wedding

Janet, Erik and their wedding party were hands down the most fun group of people I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. From the second I arrived at Janet’s hotel until the crazy dance party that was in full swing when I left, these guys were an absolute blast to work with – their laughter and carrying on was contagious… so much so that instead of being complete exhausted by the end of the night, Shannon (my assistant) and I were inspired to go out dancing ourselves and met up with each other again later on!

It was refreshing to see a couple who so obviously love life, love each other and their friends and family a tremendous amount. It’s apparent that this couple’s vivaciousness and lust for life attracts similar folk to them as all their guests seem to be enjoying themselves just as much. Congrats Janet & Erik, there’s no doubt in my mind the love and laughter you shared on your wedding day will be present in your lives for many more years to come!

– Heather

Erik was so cute during the whole ceremony – tears were flowing the second Janet started walking down the aisle and didn’t stop!

During the photo session, a great song came on through some outdoor speakers and an impromptu dance party started – now that’s my kind of wedding party!!

We went to Sushi Train, one of Janet & Erik’s favorite restaurant for some more goofing around!

Shortly after this photo was taken, Janet ended up on the ground in complete laughing hysterics



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