Jana & Mikey

{London Ontario Wedding Photography}

We continued our weekend with Jana & Mikey the next day with their Catholic wedding ceremony and rockin’ reception! We stayed at the same hotel as they did on Friday night and I must say it was soooo nice waking up at the spot we were starting at!! It was a relaxing way to start a hectic day! The second day of their celebrations was just as fun as the first, and amazingly even more colourful! I love when a bride takes a colour theme and goes with it – carrying it through to all aspects of the decor, dress, etc. Everything looked incredible and was perfect for the photo locations we found. Just a couple weeks ago at the “Get Serious” workshop I attended we ran around downtown for the photo shoot. Because I was a model not a photographer, I didn’t get to take any photos and was itching too! Jana had her heart set on the Union Station area for photos so I was so happy that I got a chance to use some of the cool spots we went to for the workshop. Jana, Mikey and their wedding party were troopers and trekked all around the area for some great shots. My favorite part of the day was being in the Union Station skywalk as a baseball game was getting out. So many strangers kept coming up to them and also some just ran by shouting out their congratulations. Like the day before, we took so many photos it was almost impossible to narrow them down…. here’s 20 or so of my faves. Enjoy! – Heather As she was getting ready Jana was wearing a shirt that said “I hope you make more than I can spend” – classic!

This photo is taken standing on top of the subway entrance! Even with a permit, we got asked to get down pretty quickly…. but I managed to snap this awesome shot!

A guy coming from the baseball game (and also on the way to his bachelor party I think) stopped for a photo with the bride and groom and his “big mistake” shirt.

During the “Get Serious” workshop, I was being photographed at the bottom of the stairs to the subway and looked up and saw this view… I made sure to take Jana and Mikey to the same spot

Their grand entrance was complete with drummers!!

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