HRM Updates

Oooooh baby do I love my little girl! Iris is growing so fast I can’t even believe it! Pretty in pink at 4 months old!  Summer is just flying by and all of our weddings so far have been fantastic. I’m trying not to slack on the blog but quite honestly some days it’s a challenge getting a shower in let alone answering emails, editing photos,designing albums, etc. Wedding days are the easy ones because we get to leave the house!! Being a working mom isn’t the easiest thing to do, but I’m trying my best and again have to thank all our clients for being so awesome and understanding as both Lindsay and I adjust to mommyhood. Lots more photos to come on the blog soon, as for the writeups for the posts, ask Iris about giving me time for that!

– Heather

Lindsay, Connor, Iris and I had a little visit a couple of weeks ago and Eric snapped a cute photo of the four of us:

Yes, we’ve already started planning the wedding…


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