Heather & Alex

London Ontario Wedding

You may recognize a few faces in this wedding party as I had the pleasure of photographing the weddings of three best-friends! Laura and Adam on December 1st/06, Kristy and Ryan on July 14th/07 and of course, Heather and Alex on September 15th.

The weather was all over the map for this wedding. We even dodged a few sun-showers during the photo-session which actually gave us some great light and dramatic clouds for the photos! Even though I photograph at least one wedding each weekend, I always seem to shed a tear at some point during the day. For this wedding, it was definitely the father/daughter dance (It may have been triggered by the bridesmaids who were crying at the edge of the dancefloor with the bride’s Mother and new Husband!)

– Lindsay

I love this moment of anticipation before the ceremony

Can you tell that the women in Heather’s family just adore their new brother/son in law??

Look at the bridesmaids with the groom on the left side – too cute!!

with Kristy, Heather & Laura – all HRM brides!!


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