Erin & Billy

{Liberty Grand Toronto Ontario Wedding Photograpy}

Last year, on Christmas day I got a message from Erin, thevery excited bride-to-be who was thrilled to be contacting me about the photography on her wedding day! Sounds like even before she and Billy were engaged they would check out our blog and imagine themselves in our pictures! SO CUTE. Needless to say, I was also very excited to be hearing from her not only because of her enthusiasm but because we went to public school together and that just made being a part of her and Billy’s big day even more special to me!! We had a wonderful day with them – and this bride kept smiling even when a bird pooped in her veil (it’s supposed to be very good luck, don’t you know!) Everyone should be so lucky to have a partner who looks at them the way Billy looks at Erin – absolutely the sweetest thing! I know that they have a wonderful life together ahead of them! Thanks again to you both for your kindess & enthusiam and big congrats! XO!!

– Heather


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