Dina & George

{Engagement Party Photography}

Jackson, the cutest baby ever!

As photographers we had to set a good example and sign the engagement photo matte!

Dina receiving yet another beautiful piece of jewelry for her engagement

George’s cousins made an amazing cake for the occassion

Me & my favorite girls!

Lindsay’s boyfriend Matt, Lindsay, me and my hubby Eric

I love Greek dancing!!

Lindsay and I attempted to dance with Dina and her family… without much success. I think we’re going to have to take lessons for the wedding!

Although this shot was considered as an option for our new HRM Photoraphy promo photos, we opted for something a little less “festive”

My favorite dance of the night involved Dina & George drinking shots from the floor without using their hands and then breaking the glasses…

George’s grandma (90 years old) is quite the party animal!! She was doing shots all night!

When I left at 2am Dina and George were still going strong… dancing on the bar!!!

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