Cristy & Brian

London Ontario Wedding


When we arrived at Cristy and Brian’s house to take photos of the guys getting ready for the ceremony, I knew we were in for a good day. The jokes and laughs were flying and the guys were so easy to work with. We headed over to take photos of Cristy and the girls and they were excited and just as easy to work with! Not to mention how gorgeous they all looked! The weather was also beautiful which was a rare treat this summer!

During the reception, Cristy and her bridesmaids surprised Brian with a special Hawaiian Hula dance! Cristy had been taking Hula dance for years with her friends and this was the first time Brian had the honour of seeing them perform. I was blown away by how amazing they were!

– Lindsay

My assistant Niki took this great photo from the back of the church. I love the starbursts from the long exposure!


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