Christie & Jeremy

Delta Armouries Wedding

Christie & Jeremy’s wedding started off a beautiful sunny day…. we did some gorgeous portraits of Christie in the field behind her house and then headed to the church and did some a few quick shots of the guys. Christie arrived for the ceremony right on time and was full of emotion while walking down the aisle. Then, about half way through the ceremony I heard it just start to DOWNPOUR outside….. heavy, heavy rain!!

Lucky for us, their reception was at the fabulous Delta Armouries so I knew I didn’t have to worry about a photo location…. we made a few quick schedule changes and arranged to meet the family at the Delta instead of our original outdoor location. Well, someone must have been looking out for Christie and Jeremy as in the time it took for us to drive from the church to the Delta, the bridal party to organize themselves (and make a quick McDonald’s stop!) The rain had completely cleared up and it was back to being a beautiful sunny day – with lush greenery thanks to the rain!!! It started spitting again right when we finished wedding party photos, but back to no rain for photos of the bride and groom….amazing!

Edited to add: I almost forgot to mention that the always amazing Samirah from Designs in Bloom did the flowers!

– Heather

I looooved Christie’s shoes (from Town Shoes if you’re wondering)!

The groomsmen (and groom!) made friends with the other wedding party at the Delta that day!


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