March 27-30th

I signed up for a marketing seminar in Detroit on March 26th, and we figured since we were already in that direction we might as well go to Chicago for a few days! Eric and I are both Cheap Trick fans, who hail from Chicago, and Eric thought on a whim to check if they happened to be playing while we were in town… and they were… with Joan Jett, in a little town an hour or so outside of Chicago called Dekalb!! Unfortunately, the weather was pretty brutal while we were in Chicago so we didn’t get to walk around as much as we would have liked to but I did get quite a bit of shopping in, lots of good eatin’ and of course, CHEAP TRICK!!!

– Heather

If I’m ever in Chicago for a wedding or engagement shoot, I’ve gotta use this alley as a backdrop!

At Kumo’s not only do they have best burgers I’ve ever had, but they’re all named after metal bands!!! I had the Motorhead burger…. mmmmmm

Van Gogh at the Art Institute

This is the Frank Lloyd Wright window I would like for my house

An art installation outside of the Art Institute

Chicago deep dish pizza! Look at all that cheese!!

We went to see this CRAZY band from Israel called Monotonix… at the end of the set, the crowd lifted the drummer up and he played in the air (those are people’s hands at the bottom of the photo holding the drum set up!!)

I was so excited to get to the Cheap Trick concert that I ran all the way there, with Eric laughing behind me

Cheap Trick!!! We had pretty decent seats in the stands, but I managed to get us up to the very front!!!


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