Business Photos

Rebel Office

{Business Branding Photography}

Sarah was looking for something clean, friendly & fresh in her business photos for Rebel Office’s new launch. We found the perfect location for what she was looking for and love how the images turned out! Check out Rebel office to see what they are about! -Niki {Business Branding Photography}

CC Social

{Professional Headshots}

I enjoyed meeting Cara and taking some casual headshots for her website! Check her out here! – Niki {Personal Branding Photographer}

Jamie Scrimgeour

{Personal Branding}

This was a fun session with Jamie, she wanted fun and fresh images for her website & blog! Check her out here!  – Niki {Personal Branding Photography}


{Lifestyle Business Photography}

Ange Peters is the driving force behind Hol Fit – we recently did some business lifestyle photos for her! We were thrilled that an image from this session was published in DoTerra’s leadership magazine. – Niki {London Ontario Business Photography}

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