Alicia & Mike

{Guelph Ontario Wedding Photography}

I met Mike (whom my hubby affectionately referrs to as ‘Lightning Mike’) over a decade ago and remember telling my then boyfriend, now husband that I wanted him to sing at my wedding. The boys played in a band together during College and recently started playing weddings again after he rocked the socks off the guests at our wedding. Seriously…if you are in search of a band for your big day, “The Good Intentions” are the guys to call!

During the past decade, Mike also happened to win over an amazing woman named Alicia and they celebrated their love with the perfect wedding day. There was so much love and warmth (and a lot of Rock and Roll!).

– Lindsay

This was the moment that I told Alicia and Mike that we were expecting our second baby…and Mike found this giant lolipop on the ground.

Mike and his Brothers recreating the pose they remember from childhood photo shoots:)

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