Stacey & Todd

Elsie Perrin Williams Wedding Photography

Stacey and Todd got married at a small ceremony in Mexico in April. On July 21st they had a reception to celebrate their marriage with all their friends and family at the beautiful Elsie Perrin Williams Estate in London. Elsie Perrin Williams is always one of my favorite places to shoot and the style of the building was perfect for the relaxed, cocktail party atmosphere Stacey & Todd wanted to create.

We spent about 45 minute doing some portraits of the bride and groom and then switched into full “candid” mode. In our correspondence leading up to this event, Stacey told me she wanted “paparazzi style – similar to the kind of pics you would see in InStyle in the “Parties/Fashion Show pages”. It was a great, laid back event and I think we managed to accomplish the paparazzi request!

– Heather

David, from Sticky Pudding – the best caterer around!!

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