Sandra & Darren

{Queen's Landing Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Wedding Photography}

I’ve been counting the days until Sandra & Darren’s wedding ever since their great engagement shoot in the spring. These two are so much fun to be around – Sandra has a quiet elegance about her and Darren is so fun & goofy (and incredibly sweet to his bride, now wife Sandra) you can’t help but have a permanent smile on your face when you’re around him. Together, they are the perfect match and compliment each other so well! Their wedding took place at Queen’s Landing in Niagara on the Lake, a beautiful venue that I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot at three times this year! Congrats Sandra & Darren, I know you’re going to have a wonderful life together!

– Heather

LOVED the shoes!!

Darren’s reaction when seeing his bride for the first time was adorable – she took his breath away!

Sandra posting on facebook…. love it!


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