Ruth & Rick

Stratford Ontario Wedding

I had just been in Stratford a few weeks before for Karen & Freda’s wedding and was so excited to have the chance to shoot there again, and this time for a full day! There are so many great locations throughout the town. During our correspondence leading up to the wedding, I was impressed with how organized Ruth was – I had a laugh one day when I realized in her email signature that her work title is “Community Developent Planner”…. her planning background definitely payed off as they had a perfectly orchestrated wedding day! Every last detail was beautiful – I was especially impressed with her flowers by The Flower Shop and More in St. Mary’s. Their venue was the fabulous Church Restaurant – a unique spot that made for a great reception. Congrats Ruth & Rick!

– Heather

Even though we “weren’t allowed” to take photos during the ceremony, both Alison & I quietly snapped away without flash from the back of the church & the balcony to get some beautiful shots… including this funny one of Rick dropping the ring!

I love this emotional shot of Ruth dancing with her dad


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