Rebecca & Nicolas

Stoney Creek Wedding

Nic & Rebecca’s daughter Thea admires her mom’s dress, and then won’t let go! The whole morning she kept talking about how both her and her mom were “going to be princesses” too cute!!

We had limited choices for photo spots, but their bedroom & shower curtain made for great backdrops!

Rebecca’s grandfather wasn’t able to attend the ceremony, so we headed to his place afterwards for a quick hello, some pizza…


… and a sip from the “boob mug”

The only photos we were able to take of Nicolas, Rebecca and Thea were of “one, two, three, jump!” Always works for kids who are tired of smiling for the camera!

I loved the bridesmaids fashionable yet warm earmuffs!

You can’t beat Niagara Falls as a backdrop… luckily for us Rebecca was a very brave bride (I wouldn’t have sat up there!)

Immediately after we stopped shooting the cold set in… here’s the bride all bundled up

The bridesmaids trying to keep warm

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