Palak + Billy

{Toronto Ontario Wedding Photography}

What a beautiful, colourful & vibrant wedding this was! You might rememeber Palak & Billy from their awesome engagement session at Western. This couple went from a beautful traditional Indian ceremony to a fun-filled Asain-Indian fusion reception! The highlight of this night was when Palak & Billy joined their wedding party on the dance floor for a choreographed dance to Gangham Style! A big congrats to this fun loving couple!

-Niki {Toronto Ontario Wedding Photograher}

A fun game where the wedding party/family fights to get the grooms shoes as he enteres the hall! Palak’s sister was really excited to get the shoes! (below)

The Vidai – when the bride says her goodbyes to her family as she enters into a new life with her groom. (below)

The sister and cousins of the bride try to stop the car from leaving with the bride! (Below)

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