Niki & Loui

Palais Royale Wedding

Ok, I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately…. and every wedding is truly special for me, but this year I’ve been so lucky to photograph quite a few weddings for friends, schoolmates, past client’s family members, etc. and it’s always an EXTRA special honour to be asked to be the person to document these days!

Niki and Loui’s was another one of those weddings….. right before George proposed to my best friend Dina, she told me she didn’t expect a proposal any time soon because George’s best friend Loui had been with Niki for 6 or 7 years and he had to propose first. Well, George couldn’t wait and proposed to Dina…. this might have been the incentive Loui needed because he proposed to Niki VERY shortly afterwards!!

I was so excited to be asked to photograph Niki & Loui’s wedding, not just because they’re a great couple but also because their wedding took place at the stunning Palais Royale…. a venue close to my heart as my grandparents used to go dancing there (rumour has it that one year they went out dancing EVERY single night for a whole year!).

Thanks again for having me at your wedding Niki & Loui – it was a great celebration!

– Heather

Like Dina, Niki had a fab pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!

I loved how colourful her sisters and maid of honour’s dresses were!

This incredible church is just across the street from the Ryerson Image Arts building – where I went to University!

My favorite couple – Dina and George!!

Niki’s maid of honour Demitra made their AMAZING cake…. she also made Dina & George’s fab vegan cupcakes (so delicious!). She’s just starting up her own business, so email me if you’d like her contact info for your wedding!

Right as their receiving line ended, it started storming…. once it cleared there was a rainbow & gorgeous sunset!

I LOVE greek dancing!!


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