Nadia & Tony

Niagara Engagement

I first met Nadia last spring when she contacted me as a budding photographer wondering if she could tag along to a couple of shoots with me. Usually, I don’t take “interns” or do “tag alongs” to shoots as I feel that it can take away from the client’s experience with me. It’s my job first and foremost to document my client’s day not to teach on the job! However, I got a really good vibe from Nadia, checked out some of her galleries on facebook and said “sure!”…. I’m so glad that I did as not only was Nadia a HUGE help and a delight to have around (she’ll be joining me again at a few weddings this year), shortly afterwards she got engaged herself and has booked me to be her photographer! I met up with Nadia & Tony at Inn on the Twenty in Jordan, where their wedding will be taking place. You could see how excited these two were thinking that in just under a year they’d be standing in the same spot for the wedding reception! We then went to Balls Falls, a short drive away where we did some fun shots in a vineyard and worked our way up to these two making out in the waterfall – awesome!

– Heather


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