Melissa & Dave

{Ingersoll Ontario Wedding Photography}

bride and groom sitting by christmas tree

A snowy winter wedding for a snowy winter day! Melissa and Matt had a beautiful wedding just outside of London – and despite a terrifying drive there (we spun on on the middle of the 401, luckily we were only going about 60km/hour!) we arrived on time and had a great day!

– Heather

The bride gave me a big hug when we arrived safely! You can see the look of relief on my face!

bride looking at dress and getting ready in ingersol ontario

red bridal details

bridemaids helping bride get dressed at brides house

bride putting on engagement ring

father of bride putting on brides jewelry

bride putting on her red shoes on staircase

winter bride portrait outside in gazebo

winter bride walking down the stairs at brides house

winter wedding family candids outside

winter bridesmainds outside in ingersoll ontario

winter bride blue skies red roses outside

bridesmaid in the snow outside with blue skies

winter bride sitting in the snow with red roses

groom inside waititng for ceremony to begin in ingersoll ontario

bride getting out of limo to cermony

bride inside church ready to walking down aisle

father of the bride ready to walk bride down aisle

beam of light on bride walking down aisle in ingersoll ontario

family together after wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking out of church after getting married

candids of bride after wedding ceremony

red and white winter details

diamond wedding bands on bible

winter bride and groom outside church after getting married

winter wedding party outside by trees in ingersoll ontario

red and black wedding party outside in the snow

groomsmen outside in front of the elmhurst inn

close up of bride and groom smiling

bride and groom walking down hall at the elmhurst inn

bride and groom kissing by a mirror

bride and groom sharing a kiss by a doorway at the elmhurst inn in ingersoll

winter wedding couple outside the elmhurst inn

elmhurst inn winter wedding party

winter wedding party running in the snow

groomsmen in the snow outside in ingersoll

bride and groom by a tree in the snow with a sled

winter bride and groom with skates in the snow

bride walking with groom holding hands in ingersoll ontario

black and white close up of bride and groom outside in snow

winter wedding groom picking up bride

winter groom picking up bride and kissing

wedding rings close up with red roses

winter bride and groom walking into the elmhurst inn

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