Meghan & Bill

Cherry Beach Engagement

Although we’ve had to reschedule quite a few engagement sessions this year due to weather, it’s always worked out for the best in the end and Meghan & Bill’s session was no exception. We had originally planned a shoot in London at Gibbons Park, but about 5 minutes after we met up a torrential downpour was upon us!

Meghan and Bill are from London originally but have spent the last few years in Toronto. I thought doing a shoot in Toronto would be a great way to incorporate that aspect of their life! We started at Cherry Beach to get some nature in and then carried on to a great view of the Toronto skyline and ended at the Distillery District (which was a great spot to showcase Meghan’s fab burgundy stilettos!).

There wedding is taking place in July at a resort in Grand Bend – definitely one of the weddings I’m most looking forward to this year!

– Heather


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