Megan + Marco

{London Ontario Pioneer Village Wedding Photography}

Megan & Marco are such a sweet couple! I enjoyed every second of their wedding day! So many emotions and so much love! Megan has such a strong bond with her family  – her twin sister & mom and the getting ready photos show that bond so well! Megan & Marco knew they would be embarking on a new adventure in Scotland a few month after the wedding so it was an emotional day knowing Megan would be leaving her family. Love the little moments she had with her nana after the cerermony, so sweet! Marco also had his mom, uncle & aunt travel all the way from Italy to attend this beautiful event! The cutest thing was the old school popcorn maker on site for guest to enjoy between ceremony & reception!

– Niki {London Ontario Wedding Photography}


We always love running into past HRM wedding couples! Colleen and Brad are the sweetest!


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